We are sales agents for Haines Signature Boats. We can order any type of new Haine’s Signature Boat and come up with a package price fitted with a new Mercury or Evinrude engine. Our friendly team can help you through the whole purchasing process and our skilled mechanics can fit the engine and have the boat ready for you to use.

Haines Signature Boats have long been regarded as Australia’s best built boats and are quickly building a a great reputation in New Zealand too.  With more than 55 years of innovation in the Australian trailer boat market Haines Signature Boats are safe, provide softer riding, lower fuel costs and lower planing speeds than most other boats on the market.

The strongest built boats just got stronger. In 2015, The Haines Group introduced Carbon Kevlar® fabric into their hulls providing maximum strength, impact, tear and penetration resistance. Testing has shown further reinforcement to key planning areas of the hull will create stronger, more
efficient high performance boating which has increased structural integrity without additional weight. Carbon Kevlar® is strategically laid throughout the hull with the fibres running in a specific direction focussing the reinforcement to areas of the hull that takes the majority of impact. The Structural Resin is then combined with Carbon Kevlar® fabric locking the fibres into position providing immense impact resistance. They sandwich the Carbon Kevlar® fabric between multiple layers of fibreglass matting and woven rovings which gives it a unique strength.

Get in touch with us to discuss your specific boating needs or you can view the full Haines Signature brochure here.