We are now stockists and sales agents of the reputable Seanymph boats.

Seanymph Boats have been sold in New Zealand for over 50 years and have been a top-selling boat for years offering a top quality boat at an affordable price.

Seanymph Boats are made with quality top of mind. They are a great looking lake boat and can handle any conditions thrown at them. They are stable, ride well and come with loads of storage space options – perfect for long days away up the lake.

We currently have 2 Seanymph models arriving in stock soon. Please see below the full details of each of these models. IF you would like more information on our pricing options available or to discuss then please just get in touch with us.

Seanymph Regal 580


The Regal 580 is the ideal cabin boat. Featuring a cabin with twin transom walk through and a tonne of storage space it allows for long lake days away from the popular beaches. The Regal 580 comes fitted with a 100hp Mercury or Evinrude engine.

Seanymph Hustler 620

The Hustler 620 is the bowrider step up from a Regal 580 when you need just that bit more space and a few different features. It comes with a wakeboard tower and is on a double axle trailer. The Hustler will be fitted with a 150hp Mercury or Evinrude engine.